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Oliver's only ICBC Glass Express Facility

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     For the past 35 years we have been installing, repairing and servicing all types of auto glass. The glass in your car or truck forms part of the vehicles structural integrity. It is extremely important that the correct procedures and materials are used to maintain the structural integrity designed into the vehicle by the manufacturer. Did you know that the passenger side air bag deflects off the front windshield? If the correct adhesives and "drive-away" times are not adhered to, this could result in serious injuries to the passenger in a frontal collision as the system would not deploy as designed.
        We have all the latest in equipment, tools and materials to properly install, repair or service your vehicles glass. Our technician's skills and knowledge are continually upgraded to keep abreast with the newest vehicle designs, materials and procedures. Having your vehicles glass replaced at Mike's Auto you can rest assured that your safety will not be compromised. If you need your glass replaced give us a call. We handle glass claims for ICBC and other insurance companies and we'll help you with the paper work.